Commerce APIProducts
Brands refer to the manufacturers or creators of the products featured in your store. While similar to product categories, brands differ in two key aspects:
Categories represent the various groupings of products available in your store, such as footwear, apparel, or electronic devices. These categories aid customers in efficiently locating their desired items.
Option Sets
Option Sets are collective groupings of individual options that are frequently used together. They serve as a time-saving feature, enabling you to apply a set of options collectively instead of individually. For example, you could create an Option Set that includes the options 'Size' and 'Color'.
Product Options specify the distinguishing characteristics of a product variant, such as size, color, or pattern. These options enhance customer convenience in product selection and bring versatility to your catalog. For instance, a T-shirt product variant could have a 'Size' option with the values 'Small', 'Medium', and 'Large'.
Product Field Sets
TODO Endpoints Endpoint Description productFieldSets Get product field sets productFieldSetsCreate Create product field sets
Product Variants
A Product Variant signifies a specific version of a product. While a product may have different options like color and potentially differing prices among its variants, they all belong to the same product family. Variants do not maintain separate descriptions and cannot be assigned to different categories or brands. It's worth noting that many products may have just a single variant, which is perfectly acceptable.
Products refer to the items you sell and your customers purchase. Each product must contain at least one variant.